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Ian Brown
3 min readJan 26, 2022


Whitney Rebrand article Response

  1. What was your initial reaction to the Whitney identity system after reading the first article?

A.) When I first saw the article, I thought it was very interesting. From reading it, I could tell that this said a lot about responsive design.

2. In your own words, describe what responsive design is. What are the pros and cons of applying responsive design to an identity system?

A.) Responsive design in my eyes is design that is flexible and uses a variety of concepts. The pros of responsive design are that it is super flexible and simple in many people’s eyes. The cons of responsive design however are that they are not fully optimized and that there can be slower performance.

3. The new Whitney identity has been criticized as boring and duplicitous due to its simplistic, open-ended design. Do you agree or disagree — why? Are boring and simple one in the same?

A.) When I see the Whitney logo, it is a very simple logo however, it does not have the impact factor that other logos have. With that being said, I disagree with this because some designers aren’t looking for simple and minimal designs. Having said that, I believe boring and simple are one in the same. Yes, simple designs can bore people if there isn’t the wow factor people are looking for.

P1 Prelim Work

Pizza Brain Museum

Location: 2313 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Contact info: 215–291–2965

“World’s First Pizza Museum”

Hours: MON-THURS 11 AM-9 PM

FRI & SAT 11 AM-10 PM


“ Pizza + Party reunited. In restaurants that celebrate pizza’s iconic place in American culture, we serve award-winning pies. Our ingredients are sourced to support the singular flavor profiles of our pizza. We use as many locally grown inputs as is practical. Vegetables are farm fresh and ordered daily. Uncured smoked pepperoni is free of antibiotics and added hormones from vegetarian-fed pork. Sausage is locally sourced made from lean pork shoulder butt and seasoned with fennel. Our dough, sauce, and pepper flakes are made from scratch on-premises. We take pride in featuring artisanal and traditional pies with updated flavor profiles for today’s health-conscious lifestyle.”

Things to expect: “ We believe in the power of pizza to bring people together. We think of our stores as celebratory community spaces- places where friends meet, first dates connect, and everybody pizzas. Our dream is to build a world of pizza hubs; locations deeply rooted in their neighborhoods where high-quality pizza is served in approachable and fun environments.”

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