Blog #7

This semester taught me a lot about hand-coding and really work on trial and error with DreamWeaver. The most challenging part about all of this was figuring out DreamWeaver. This is because of the grind of trying to place things in the right place. I practiced this but this still was very tough on me. The easiest to learn has to be WebFlow. I believe this because it feels simpler and smoother while doing this. I however don’t think we need to spend less time on this as this is still an important aspect of web design. I feel like I learned a lot more about coding which surprised me because I thought this was gonna be a lot harder than I thought. I feel like we spent the right amount of time on each subject but if I had to choose, I feel like it should have been other HTML/CSS programs. On a different note, I feel like WebFlow was introduced at the right time and this benefited a lot of people because of how worn out everyone was from DreamWeaver. I however would not want to spend money on HTML/CSS programs because of how long we would be using this for projects. I kind of wish the last two projects were not stacked against each other because a lot of my classmates felt worn out and exhausted from having to start project 3 before we finished project 2. Other than that, this class may have been a grind but I enjoyed it a lot!

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